Why is cross stitching warped?

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Embarrassment embroidery are for various reasons, try to consider the most common.

1. Causes of embroidery distortions.
2. How to avoid distortions of embroidery?
3. Use hoops when embroidering paintings.


Causes of embroidery distortions.

At the moment, embroidery with a combination of seams and materials is very popular with needlewomen. The use of cross stitch and half-cross in embroidery makes embroidery more picturesque and gives a feeling of depth, while multidirectional threads create an uneven stretch of canvas. Usually, these spaces fall on the background, the top of the sky, the individual elements on the frontal part of the embroidery, and just these elements on the embroidered picture strongly pull to the sides, usually to the side of the inclination of the half-cross (to the right). In the case of skewing, washing can help with the following stretching in the appropriate direction, but some of the needlewomen are still drying and ironing the embroidered work in this form. After ironing, the embroidery is quite solid and perfectly keeps the irregular shape. Based on experience, it can be said that it is better not to touch the embroidery, unless the picture has become soiled in the process of embroidery.

Photo 1. Embroidery Cross and Half Cross

Work is most susceptible to deformation, embroidered completely with a tapestry stitch or in a half-cross, even if the canvas is stretched and fixed on the hoop. What to do to avoid distortions in embroidery, we will tell a little lower.


How to avoid distortions of embroidery?

Mixing various techniques: beadwork, thread embroidery, ribbon embroidery; Embroidered paintings often have a distortion of the embroidered space. Embroidered pictures with the use of different techniques look great, but besides the different thicknesses of embroidery there appears a slight bias in the form of screeds in certain places. This disadvantage is quite difficult to eliminate. Therefore, you need to pay attention needlewomen embroidery: BE ATTENTIVE !!!. Try to embroider all the elements one by one, without overstressing the embroidery, look to avoid the formation of excessive thickness, so that the stitches of beads or ribbons are not piled up next to each other. Appearance from this will only get better.

A large number of the icons brought on the design are made up of icons embroidered with beads. A lot of scenes for embroidery of icons, the visual wealth of beads are increasingly found among female needlewomen. The last time for registration work bring beginners, those who have never embroidered. What disadvantages in such cases can most often be found. A large number of huge nodules or simply loosely tied threads that will still interfere, or they create extra hills when stretching across the face, or when stretching begin to bend or sag beads. Tightening the floss through the faces (it happens and this), spoils the embroidered picture completely and irrevocably.

Photo 2. Embroidery of icons


Use hoops when embroidering paintings.

The needlewomen decide for themselves whether to embroider using a hoop or not. In the event that it is comfortable for you to embroider using hoops, then please. Just watch the tension of the fabric on which you are embroidering, otherwise a misaligned fabric may appear which will result in a misaligned embroidered pattern. We will explain: in the event that the warp yarn misalignment has begun, then the embroidered stitches will lie skewed and it will be quite difficult to correct it.

There will also be difficulties in fixing delicate fabrics in the hoop, in order for embroidery to evenly stretch without distortions, you need to fix the adjustable embroidery conscience, such fixation in turn can lead to the appearance of dents on the fabric for embroidery and the embroidery itself or to destroy the canvas tissue. In the case when the fabric for embroidery is very thin, and the hoop is unregulated, it will slip out. Aids are needed for fixing the fabric: as an option, hoops can be wrapped with a braid, or in a circle, slip fabric cuts, thus forming an auxiliary volume.

Photo 3. Embroidery on the frame.


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