What to wear embroidered shirt?

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1. What is this embroidered shirt?
2. How to choose the embroidered shirt?
3. How to properly and stylishly wear an embroidered shirt?

What is this embroidered shirt?

The embroidered shirt is an ethnic Ukrainian clothes that every Ukrainian used to have. Embroidery or more correctly embroidered shirts are the clothes of a composite cut which is embroidered manually with threads or beads. Embroidery as a piece of clothing originated in ancient times among the Aryan peoples. During the occupation of Ukraine, it was banned and began to be forgotten by the people of Ukraine. With the independence of Ukraine, clothes with embroidered elements received a new breath, in modern Ukraine this type of clothing is again in trend. In order for the embroidery to have a stylish look, you must be able to combine it with other elements of clothing..

Photo 1. Ukrainian Embroidered Shirt


How to choose the embroidered shirt?

First you need to pay attention to the following information:

- the base color of the embroidered shirt was always white. White shirts symbolize purity, white embroidery will change your look and make it light and romantic. You can often find beige or gray colors of embroidery, which connect modernity with old times. Black embroidered at all times symbolized the wisdom of the person who wore it, in modern fashion black fabric will be well combined with embroidery threads of red and blue colors.

Photo 2. Black Embroidered Shirt

- three basic embroidery patterns can be distinguished: vegetable embroidery patterns, animalistic and geometric embroidery patterns. Vegetable prints are more suitable for girls, such patterns will perfectly complement the feminine look. Animalistic drawings with images of representatives of the animal world will make you interesting and vivid. Geometric prints can be combined with any style, as geometric embroidery is universal.

Photo 3. Vegetable embroidery pattern

- when buying embroidered shirt, remember that it should not fit. When buying embroidered shirts, you must buy shirts that are larger than the native size. All embroidered clothing is free-cut clothing in most cases.

- the classic style of embroidery is not the only option for sewing. Such options as the embroidered dresses are possible, the embroidered tunics the embroidered suits are also possible. For the cut of embroidery, both straight and fitted models are possible. If you want to narrow the silhouette, you must choose a straight cut. For a visual increase in shoulders - choose a trapezoid style. In order to draw attention to the waist and sew a breast-fitted model.

Photo 4. Embroidered dresses

- when it is not too hot and not cold it is better to wear linen and cotton shirts, these fabrics are also traditional for clothes with embroidery elements. When it is very hot it is better to wear embroidered embroidery of light fabrics.


How to properly and stylishly wear an embroidered shirt?

We offer you non-standard solutions for those who are in trend:

- embroidered shirt with a skirt has a feminine and romantic look. For this composition, the best choice would be a long skirt to the floor and a tucked blouse. Also an interesting option would be a skirt with a cut of sun above the knees. To create an original bow, you need to wear a pencil skirt.

Photo 5. Embroidered shirt and skirt

- the combination of embroidery and jeans will be best of all worn by casual lovers. Under the embroidered blouse is better to wear straight pants or skinny jeans. The embroidered shirt can be worn both over jeans and worn tucked into pants.

Photo 6. Embroidered shirt and jeans

- free-fitting pants will have a fresh and light look along with embroidery. To create an elegant look you need to wear embroidered shirt and trousers.

Photo 7. Embroidered shirt and pants

- a business suit and an embroidered shirt fit very well. It is very important to choose an embroidered shirt with an abstract embroidery pattern. This embroidery should be worn with pants, skirt and, if necessary, you must wear a jacket.

Photo 8. Business suit and embroidered shirt

- the embroidered tunic looks good with long leggings made from dense fabric of dark colors.

Photo 9. Embroidered tunic

- in the warm season a set of light embroidered shirts and cotton shorts will be appropriate.

Photo 10. Embroidered shirt with shorts

- in the cold period of the year you can put on a warm vest on an embroidered shirt.

- use a large number of accessories and ornaments with embroidered shirt.

Photo 11. Embroidered shirt and jewelry

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