What is beadwork?

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The content of the article:
1. History of origin of beadwork
2. Basic rules for embroidery using beads
3. How to start embroidering?

History of origin of beadwork

Beadwork is a handmade craft that began its existence in antiquity. Bead craftsmanship reached its greatest popularity at the end of the 18th century. People decorated their clothes with beads, embroidered large panels and small pictures with beads. On beaded paintings were presented different landscapes, still lifes, paintings on religious themes, also embroidered icons and stuff. Beaded products served as fashion accessories for both the weak and the strong part of humanity. Produced beads has a huge number of shades and colors, and its price is currently very democratic. Due to the large range of colors and low cost, embroidery using beads is becoming a popular type of needlework for many modern women. In this time period of beadwork, accessories and embroidered clothing are a trend.

Photo 1. History of embroidery with beads


Basic rules for embroidery using beads

Embroidery on fabrics with beads with a printed pattern drawing simplifies the process of embroidery. On the canvas with a background image printed scheme, from the sides of the print are printed keys for supporting the beads, both shades of bead colors and graphic icons are indicated. In the paintings with a large number of beads similar in color to the beads and for more comfortable embroidery with beads, the colors of graphic symbols on the scheme may slightly differ from the colors of real beads. Starting to work on embroidery, you need to fix the bead blank on the hoop made of wood or plastic. If the format of the scheme is too small for your hoops, then the scheme should be increased with the help of additional fabric cuts. Photo 2. Frame for embroidery with beadsIt is better to embroider with beads with special bead threads in one thread with white color or transparent thread. So that when embroidering the thread is not twisted and knots are not created, it is necessary to wax it in a special wax. When embroidering paintings with a dark base or embroidery using beads of the same color, select the thread to match the bead and base. Biads golden flowers better sew, using a thread of gray. Pick up a thread of the appropriate length that a thread that is too long will constantly twist and fray. When fixing the thread on the embroidery, beware of large knots. Starting the seam of beads, you need to tie a knot on the bead thread, pierce the fabric on the wrong side of the face and fix the thread with a small reverse stitch so that the knot does not pass on the embroidery face. The thread can also be fixed on the facade of the embroidery, you just need to make a couple of small cross stitches in the place of the pattern where the beads will be sewn in the future. In the overwhelming majority of cases, beads are sewn in a semi-cross technique with strict observance of the diagonal direction, and the following types of stitches can be noted among the main techniques for embroidery with beads: monastic, lowercase, stalked, and arched. In most cases, when embroidering with beads, needle numbers are ten and twelve. Photo 3. Scheme beadworkEmbroidering with the use of beads, the waist of the thread from the seamy side is not necessary. When the working thread ends, it must be fixed on the back of the embroidery with a double knot as when sewing. When embroidering a fragment of an image, it must be embroidered in separate parts, bypassing the image with embroidery from different sides.


How to start embroidering?

It is best to start embroidering buying small sets for embroidery with beads. The sets are completed with designer canvases, professionally selected beads, needles and instructions. You can also buy patterns for embroidery and pick up beads. Photo 4. Complete set for embroidery with beadsIn our embroidery and handicraft shop Beregynya presented as sets for embroidery and schemes on various subjects. In the online store www.beregynya.org repositioned manufacturers from both Ukraine and from other countries.

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