How useful beadwork?

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The content of the article:
1. Beadwork in the history of needlework
2. Improving the effect of beadwork
3. Beadwork as an extra income
4. What kind of needlework to choose?

Beadwork in the history of needlework

Beadwork at all times was the main occupation of girls and women of the highest class of society. Currently, this type of needlework returns its relevance and becomes a real trend. Famous world psychologists say that the growing popularity of beadwork is an important natural process that allows women to maintain their femininity. After all, the occupation by women of purely masculine activities destroys their inner world and turns them into men. Beadwork and other types of needlework activate the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for the creative, illogical, feminine part of human consciousness. That is why more and more modern and independent women are beginning to embroider with beads, embroider with threads in an attempt to become more feminine and desirable.

Фото 1. Beadwork in the history


Improving the effect of beadwork

During the research of independent experts, it was recorded that small movements with hands, such as embroidery, stimulate the work of the hypothalamic-pituitary system, which is responsible for the production of estrogen in the female body. Embroidering beads, you get a powerful healing effect, and not necessarily embroider only women. This type of needlework is also suitable for men. Beadwork is not quite traditional for men, but this kind of needlework will help to become more patient, find inner balance and peace of mind. Beadwork is a useful addition to medical therapy and the path to a quality life.

Foto 1. Health and beadwork


Beadwork as an extra income

Embroidery can be both a favorite thing, and bring additional income. Perhaps over time additional income will become the main one. In ideal, it would be when your hobby became your work. Real happiness is when you do your favorite thing and get paid for it! Over time, gaining a certain experience, you can become teach embroidering others and hold your own master classes. Such kind of needlework as beadwork enables you to reach new heights and change your life for the better!

Foto 3. Beadwork and earnings


What kind of needlework to choose?

The best way to choose is to try different types of needlework. All beginners and professionals can try themselves in beadwork, cross-stitch, clothing embroidery and other types of needlework. Go to the page of the online store embroidery and needlework Beregynya and select the direction of needlework that is closer to you. The online store rearranged an extremely wide range of types of needlework.

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