How to wash an embroidered shirt right?

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The content of the article:
1. Hand wash embroidery
2. Machine wash embroidery
3. How to stroke embroidery?

Hand wash embroidery

Embroidered shirts from fabrics that do not contain synthetics, such as linen, linen, and others, are best washed by hand. The use of hand washing will help prevent the curvature of the embroidered seats, the appearance of puffs and shrinkage of the embroidery. When washing hands it is recommended to adhere to such rules:

- the best water temperature for hand washing will be 30 Cо. Do not use water with a higher temperature when washing embroidery as floss may begin to fade. To check the threads, you need to iron a small portion of the embroidered shirt using a white, slightly wet fabric. Threads fade if white traces of color are visible from embroidery.

- do not use bleaching detergents. The best option for washing would be the usual laundry soap.

Photo 1. Soak embroidery

- it is recommended not to bend strongly embroidered places, otherwise the embroidery will be deformed and the shirt will lose its appearance. If the embroidery is very dirty, then it is necessary to soak it in soapy water for 15 minutes. You can also add one to two teaspoons of salt per liter of water to water. After soaking with your fingers, gently clean the embroidery from dirt.

Photo 2. Hand wash of embroidery

- it is necessary to rinse the embroidery immediately after washing, so that there are no detergents on the fabrics. The remains of these funds will oxidize the fabric, which over time will grow old fabric.

- to keep the embroidery colors bright and saturated, it is necessary to soak the shirt in cool water and rinse again. In the water for rinsing, you must add vinegar in the following proportions - one teaspoon for one glass of water.

- after rinsing, the embroidery must be squeezed out with minimal effort, shaken and gently placed on a towel with a long nap and then folded the embroidery along with the towel into a roll. It is necessary to start final drying only after excess moisture is absorbed by a towel.

Photo 3. Embroidery drying

- chiffon embroidered shirts to wipe only manually without twisting, hang out to dry in the wet. - before drying it is necessary to smooth out the curves and folds of the fabric on the product and leave it to dry in a place where the direct sun will not fall on it. Drying embroidered clothing should be carried out on a horizontal and level surface.


Machine wash embroidery

We strongly recommend that all embroideries be washed only by hand. In that case, if you need to wash the embroidery in the washer, you need first of all:

- before washing the embroidery must be unscrewed and put it in a fabric laundry bag.

- wash using delicate modes and without spinning.

- it is necessary to wash in water with a temperature of not more than 40 Cо.

- the washing machine should not be overloaded, the embroidery should move freely in the drum, otherwise undesirable stripes on the fabric may occur.

- use detergents without bleaching effect.

Photo 4. Embroidery machine washing


How to stroke embroidery?

- embroidery is ironed when it is a little wet.

- iron temperature should be max 200 Cо.

- embroidered ironed only through gauze from the inside, the surface should be soft.

- the embroidery itself needs to be leveled and ironed by putting the iron for a few seconds and then rearranging it to the neighboring areas until you stroke the entire embroidered place in this way. After ironing embroidered places, not embroidered places of clothing can be ironed like ordinary clothes.

- silk embroidery sites should always be ironed at a low temperature.

- when ironing, it is necessary to move the iron along the warp threads so that there is no distortion.

- so that the ironed fabric of the embroidery does not wrinkle, you need to gently place it on a flat horizontal surface until it is completely cool, and then put it on or hide it in the closet.

Photo 5. Embroidery ironing

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