How to choose a embroidery frame?

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You can buy frame of different shapes (square, oval, circle) and types (tapestry, chair, frame hoops and machines. You just need to choose the ones that suit you.

1. Why use frame?
2. What are the frame?
3. What you need to pay attention to buying and embroidering on the frame?

Why use frame?

The frame is a sought-after tool that is used in embroidery. No matter what type of embroidery you work (cross or satin stitch), using the hoop will help you protect the warp materials with a thread. The use of hoops will facilitate and ensure neat embroidery of the picture. When using the frame, the embroidered surfaces are well visible, the frame is well-held in the hands, and using the machine you can free your hands. Very often needlewomen prefer embroidering without using hoops: in this way, the stitch is made in one movement, not in two. This is probably the only advantage of embroidery without a frame, but at the same time you need to constantly monitor the embroidery process so that it does not stretch. In most cases, needlewomen use embroidery frames for embroidery, and we will find out the basic rules for choosing a hoop a little later.

Photo 1. Use of embroidery on the frame


What are the frame?

The frame of different shapes (square, oval, circle) are now produced, and they can be divided into armchair, tapestry, frame and frame for embroidery by the way they are used - they are made in various sizes and shapes:
- round hoop - the most common type of frame. Round hoops are available with fasteners, and without it (the first option is more reliable and convenient for embroidery). The sizes vary both in diameter and thickness. The diameter can be from 30 (thirty) cm to 35 (thirty five) cm, and the thickness of the frame from 7 (seven) mm to 25 (twenty five) mm. The diameter of the round hoop must be chosen in accordance with the size of the embroidered pattern, the thickness of the frame is chosen according to the principle that it is convenient or inconvenient to hold the frame in hand. Round-shaped hoops are made from different plastic masses, and the type of trees is less often from metals. Experienced needlewomen claim that the wooden hoop is more comfortable when embroidering and safer for fabrics;

Photo 2. Round hoop
- oval (square) frame - this type of frame is made using the same principle as the round hoop; the only difference is in the shape of the frame itself. This type of frame as well as the previous ones should be chosen for the size and shape of the future embroidery. In principle, the shape of the frame is the personal choice of needlewomen;

Photo 3. Oval hoop
- frame for embroidery - constructively more difficult and occupy more space, in comparison with simple frames. Embroidery machines have a large number of advantages in comparison with simple frames. The frames for embroiderys, usually placed on the surface of the table, the chair (sofa) or on the floor (table, sofa or floor machines) and all make hands 100% free during embroidery. Frame for embroiderys are used for embroidery large paintings. Frame for embroidery make it possible to minimize the occurrence of distortions when embroidering with a stitched petit or half-cross. Using frame for embroidery you can embroider on large pieces of fabric without the risk of deformation of the canvas. This type of hoop has different options for attaching the canvas for embroidery. On sale you can find hoops square and round shape;

Photo 4. Frame for embroidery
- tapestry frames - tapestry frame is a rectangle of wood, on which the fabric for embroidery is attached at the bottom and top (the sides are not attached). Fabrics for embroidery are attached to the frame by sewing (fabric cuts are attached at the top and bottom of the frame) or fastened with clips (plastic clips). In the process of embroidery, the canvas can be scrolled. The top and bottom of the frame are movable and scroll;

Photo 5. Tapestry frames
- chair / sofa frame - if you prefer to engage in embroidery while sitting in a chair or on the couch, you can use this type of hoop. The chair frame is an embroidery frame that is attached to a retainer on a leg or stand. This design should be placed near yourself, on a chair (sofa) and work with embroidery, holding the stand with your foot;

Photo 6. Sofa frame
- hoops-frames - this type of hoop unites hoops of different shapes for ready-made embroidery: a circle, an oval or a rectangle. This type of hoop has a loop, using which you can hang an embroidered picture on the wall with this hoop.

Photo 7. Hoops-frames
- clamps for mounting the hoop - a mobile version of the machine for embroidery, which will free the hands of the needlewoman in the process of embroidery and takes up little space. Using a clamp, the hoops are simply mounted at any convenient height, it is also possible to rotate them around the axis.

Photo 8. Clamps for mounting the hoop


What you need to pay attention to buying and embroidering on the frame?

1. Regardless of the type of material, the hoop must always be of high quality when ground and polished, any roughness is not allowed (may cause damage to the fabric).
2. When buying a frame with a mounting mechanism, you need to check how this mechanism works. The locking mechanism should not be too tight, but at the same time should securely fix the hoop.
3. It is better to buy unpainted frames - this ensures the purity of the fabric on which the pattern is embroidered.
4. In order to keep the canvas better on the wooden frames, it is necessary to wrap them with a ribbon of silk.
5. In the interruptions of work on embroidery, it is necessary to remove it from the frame - this will reduce the likelihood of creases on the fabric.
6. Wooden hoops must be protected from moisture, sudden changes in temperature, and you should not be left under the sun for a long time.


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