Cross Stitch Kits

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Cross Stitch Kits

Sets for cross-stitching in the online store Beregynya.

Cross-stitch embroidery is the most popular kind of needlework for people from all over the world. Different techniques of embroidery help create real works of art: rushnyky, icons, accessories, paintings. In ancient times, embroidered designs were the right of the rich, and today any needlewoman can buy kits for embroidery. In the online store Beregynya you are offered a large selection of sets for embroidery with a cross. Our site gives an opportunity to choose and buy sets for cross-stitching, different manufacturers at a low price. By purchasing sets from us you get sets with author's schemes, a qualitative canvas and bright threads of different colors and shades.

Cross-stitch embroidery: catalog of kits for cross stitching.

When buying a ready-made cross-stitch set in the online store Beregynya, you will get the opportunity to immediately begin creating your own embroidery. Sets for cross-stitching, which are presented in the catalog of the online store, are equipped with:
  • canto from the leaders of world production. The canvas is a special fabric, the threads of which create squares with holes. On such a canvas it is easier to count cross stitches and it is more convenient to embroider.
  • natural and synthetic floss. These yarns have a wide range of colors and an affordable price.
  • high-quality needle for embroidery. Needles for embroidery can be of different sizes, it depends on the type of canvas and mulina.
  • detailed instructions for embroidery.

Buy a set of cross stitching inexpensively.

Before you buy a set for cross-stitching in the online store Bereginya, you need to decide on the theme of the cross-stitched picture. In our online store there are a lot of subjects for cross stitching: abstraction, magic characters, children for children, animals, people and portraits, still lifes, postcards, magnets, landscape, pillows, Miscellaneous, Religion and icons, transport, flowers and much more. Other.
Internet-shop Beregynya makes a lot of efforts to expand the range, and offers a huge number of sets for cross-stitching. Using cross-stitch embroidery kits you will get lots of fun and save time. Also 100% will receive the end product of high quality.

Complete Cross Stitch Kits

The packaging for cross-stitch kits is designed so that the needlewoman can read all the necessary information about the kit and evaluate the type of fabric for embroidery, thread, etc. For craftswomen who are just beginning to master the technique of cross-stitching, one does not need to start embroidering with small and dense crosses. The optimal size of fabric for embroidery is Canvas number 14. Canvas of this marking is most often used by manufacturers when picking their sets.Not the last role when embroidering with a cross is played by threads. The best for cross-stitching are the French DMC floss, German Madeira threads, British Anchor, Chinese CXC floss, etc. In sets for beginners, not complex sets, the number of floss colors usually does not exceed twenty different colors. In embroidery, the quality of needles for embroidery also plays an important role. The needle should have a large eyelet hole to make it easier to thread the thread. It is better when the embroidery kit is equipped with a spare needle. In general, any needlewoman needs to have a separate set of needles and other accessories for embroidery (scissors, a device for threading threads, scissors with thin tips or a tool for tearing).